2016 Snooker Daqing National Championships 24th match result: Xu Si saves the match point and wins the cold left hand _1

2016 Snooker Daqing National Championships 24th match result: Xu Si saves the match and wins the cold left hand
On October 24, the 2016/2017 Snooker Daqing National Championships (attached: 2016 Snooker National Championship complete schedule schedule + contestant matchup list / signing form) continued in the first round of the game,Chinese player Xu Si broke out of the game and saved 6-5 at the match point to reverse Kim’s left-handed Williams and successfully advanced to the second round of the national championship.In other games, Trump jumped two shots to break a hundred 6-3 wins Yuan Sijun, Zhang Jianjian lost six innings 1-6 lost to Bingham.Trump defeated Yuan Sijun to advance to the second round of the National Championship. Trump 6-3 Yuan Sijun Chinese teenager Yuan Sijun defeated Burns in the wild card game and encountered the popular championship Trump in the first round of the race.In the first game, the two sides surrounded the fight. Trump 64-38 over scored and lost the coffee ball. Then he forced the opponent to clear the platform after the penalty and chase 64-64.Enter the first game.Since then, Trump has gradually found an offensive feel, with a 50+ win in a single game in two consecutive games and a 3-0 lead. Yuan Sijun improved slightly in the fourth game and seized the opportunity of a penalty point from Trump to get started and scored 82 points in a row.1-3 behind in a game.  After the break between the innings, the two sides struggled to the ball in the fifth inning, Trump failed to turn the ball over, and Yuan Sijun won 2-3 behind in this inning.In the 6th inning, Trump once led 49-0, and then Yuan Sijun began chasing points. The two sides began to compete for coffee balls. Trump dropped the bag and left a chance. Yuan Sijun scored this game with a super score and the total score was 3-3.In the 7th inning, Trump built an advantage with a score of 41 points, and then scored a 4-3 lead over the score. In the 8th inning, Trump completed a single shot to break 100, 5-3 to get the match point.After Yuan Sijun scored a red goal in the 9th inning, the bottom bag made a simple black ball error. Trump followed by a single shot with 125 points and then broke 100. Eventually, 6-3 eliminated Yuan Sijun and advanced to the second round of the national championship.  Xu Si 6-5 Williams Xu Si data map Xu Si scored a single shot 145 high score in the wild card game, and the opponent who advanced into the first round was the famous left-handed Williams. At the beginning of the game, Xu Si continued to play on the offensive end.The pole scored 76, 88 points and led 2-0.In the third game, Williams was able to pull back a game with 52 points. Xu Si then scored 77 points in the fourth game with a single shot, leading the total score 3-1.After the break, Williams’ status quickly improved, 4-3 in a three-game winning streak, Xu Si then won 4-4 in the 8th inning.In the 9th inning, Williams completed a single shot with 114 points and broke 100 points. He took the lead in 5-4 to get the match point. In the 9th inning, Williams completed a 52 point in the corner to save the tie 5-5.In the decisive game, Xu Si took a 38-5 lead, then Xu Si seized the opportunity to start again, and after a superb win, 6-5 reversed and eliminated Williams, breaking the biggest upset since the start of the national championship.  Bingham 6-1 Zhang Health Chinese player Zhang Jianjian defeated Muir in the wild card game and met the 2015 World Championship champion Bingham in the first round of the race. Zhang Jianhe played very well in the first game, fighting until the final colored ball 75-58 wins 1-0 lead.But then the game was taken over by Bingham. After winning the second game 68-20, 84-0 in the third game and 86 points in the fourth game led to a 3-1 lead.After the break between the rounds, Zhang Jianjian still didn’t improve. Bingham made three consecutive innings. In the end, Bingham lost 1 round first, and then won 6 in a row.