Beijing Financial Holding Group and Partners Jointly Rescue Small and Micro Enterprises

Beijing Financial Holding Group and “Partners” Jointly Rescue Small and Micro Enterprises
Affected by the epidemic, schools in various places postponed the start of school, which made Beijing Yizheng System Integration Co., Ltd., a technology company that provides information services to the school, worry for a time. The company received invoices in time and wanted to develop an infrared thermometer to catch up with the chip.The price soared, and the company urgently needed a fund to “emergency”.This is a portrayal of many small and micro enterprises in the epidemic.Sauna, Yewang was informed on April 2 that in order to help small and micro enterprises survive the epidemic and fully resume work and production, Beijing Financial Holding Group cooperates with the group ‘s internal funds, guarantees, disposal of non-performing assets and off-group banks, insurance, venture capital, etc.Financial resources for emergency rescue of small and micro enterprises.In response to the problem that the payment of small and medium-sized enterprises in the epidemic period was not timely and the capital expenditure increased, the Beijing Small and Micro Financial Services Platform, which belongs to Beijing Financial Control Group, launched a blockchain-based confirmation service, that is, Beijing supply chain debt right debt confirmation financingplatform.”The company immediately registered after knowing it, successfully completed the application for confirmation of power, signed the confirmation certificate, applied for financing and other operations with the help of the platform.”.It took less than 15 days before and after to get a 2 million yuan loan from BOC.The relevant person in charge of Yizheng Company disclosed that after receiving the loan, the company stepped up its R & D and production, and quickly launched an RFID personnel identification infrared forefront temperature measuring instrument with Bluetooth communication function. At present, it has connected over 10,000 units of campus orders in various provinces and cities.In order to improve the efficiency of the connection between banks and enterprises, during the epidemic, many high-value data urgently needed by many financial institutions were collected in the financial public data area of the city’s big data platform.The financial big data company affiliated to Beijing Financial Holding Group relies on the data resources gathered in the franchise area to give full play to its professional technical advantages in financial technology and help small and micro enterprises accurately connect with financial institutions.The relevant person in charge of the financial big data company said that based on the data gathered in the financial area, the high-quality small and micro enterprises affected by the epidemic were screened in batches and credit portraits, and promoted to commercial banks to assist in active and active marketing, helping them quickly and comprehensively understandThe operating status of the enterprise shortens the time for credit approval.In addition, the nation’s first “first loan service center”, which officially went online on April 1, is an important practice for government data to support financial services.The front desk service window of the center is located in the municipal service center. The government data sharing is supported by the Beijing Financial Public Data Zone and the financial big data platform. It provides business and other enterprise information query and comparison services for commercial banks that have settled in the Shoudai Service Center.Relying on Beijing Financial Holding’s newly established Beijing enterprise credit reporting platform, it provides value-added services such as corporate credit information and risk profiles for the 29 commercial banks and intermediary service agencies stationed in the Shoudai Service Center for credit business, improving the efficiency of credit approval and reducingInformation gathering and corporate financing costs.The above are all efforts to eliminate information asymmetry, and the relative “information islands” among financial institutions also need to be broken through.For the tracking of post-loan funds and how to avoid corporate misappropriation or arbitrage, the party secretary and chairman of Beijing Financial Holding Group Fan Wenzhong told the sauna. Yewang said that if the company needs funds for its business, the supply chain financing system can directly provide the supplyCargo dealers will not give enterprises the opportunity to misappropriate.In addition, it is also possible to reduce the risk of misappropriation of funds by locking some repayment accounts.”It is now in its infancy and will be further strengthened through information expansion in the future, and gray box operation risks will be further controlled.Fan Wenzhong said.Wang Lei, assistant general manager of Beijing Financial Holding Group, added: “The use of funds after the loan is linked to the credit. Once the misappropriation is found, it will be blacklisted. Both the big data platform and the Beijing Small and Micro Financial Services Platform have such a list library.”Editor Xu Chao proofreading He Yan