2015 NBA Eastern Conference finals Cavaliers VS Eagles 5.23 Preview-Zhan Huang or forced opponents to move _1

2015 NBA Eastern Conference finals Cavaliers VS Eagles 5.23 Preview-Zhan Huang may force his opponent to move
The Cavaliers will be ushering in the second game against the Eagles East Finals on the 23rd.The Cavaliers won in the first battle where both sides had added trouble and trouble. If the Hawks lose again in this battle, the balance of the East will be completely lost to the Cavaliers.How to deal with James is the Eagle’s first problem, the Cavaliers camp is looking forward to JR-Smith can continue the state of the sword.(北京时间5月23日08:30开赛)詹姆斯望带领骑士继续客场取胜比赛看点:老鹰能否振臂  詹姆斯在首战平稳体现了他的强点优势,JR的8个三分球令老鹰无从招架In terms of rebounding, the Cavaliers also formed an overwhelming 49-37 advantage. The first game was a knightly situation in many ways.The most obvious disadvantage for the Hawks is that of the 34 goals in the game, only 19 goals were led by assists. You must know that this season, the regular season and the playoffs, the rate of Hawks converted from assists to goals has been stable at more than 67%.The league is the best.  Whether the Hawks can take off or not can directly determine the splendor of the Eastern Conference Series.The assist ratio is highlighting the bright colors that the Eagles are running this season.Whether the Eagles can rebound in World War II, the number of assists is the most critical decisive indicator.Key players: James may force the Hawks to move    James scored 31 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists on 12 of 26 field goals.Carole, the eagle’s first-choice player, was hurt in the opening game.If Carroll is absent from the second game, it is worth watching whether the Hawks use Bezmore or Millsap to defend Zhanhuang.The pressure that James exerts on the Hawks is not only his personal combat effectiveness. When James is playing in the fourth position, the overall defense of the Hawks will have joint problems. Either he can’t keep up with James’ personal rhythm, or he can’t keep up with the Cavaliers’ peripheral operation.Rhythm.  In the history of the playoffs, in the face of stars with outstanding abilities like James, they often form a multiple choice question to guard against stars or guard against others.What the Eagles will do in this battle is worth focusing on.球队状况:卡罗尔恐伤停 欧文要继续打  卡罗尔在首战的受伤场景一度令人担心他是否季后赛报销,伤情诊断的结果较为理想,卡罗尔的左膝只是出现骨contusion.But Carol, who is included in the daily watch list, will have to make a decision before the game.  James also had a sprain in the first game. From the fact that James continued to play, the injury was not serious.However, Owen’s left knee injury was very concerned about the Cavaliers camp. Owen only played for 3 minutes at the end of the first game. The Eagles’ back line also targeted Owen’s injury.Irving has said that he will stick to the fight, and Cavaliers coach Blatter also said that we hope he can fight.There may be no suspense about Irving’s appearance, but his condition magnifies the Cavaliers’ worries.交锋回顾:JR创骑士队史  首战中骑士只有一位替补有得分,而这位替补一个人拿下了很多分——JR三分球12投8中创下骑士队史季后赛纪录,个人砍28 points.Korver, who highlighted the Hawks’ long-range shooting ability, only had 5 shots (3 in 3). He made 2 of 4 3-pointers. He was also judged to be invalid for the Hawks offensive foul.Focus speech: James approximates Superman    For James’ performance after being injured in the first battle, Blatter said: This is his best explanation for approximate Superman.I can only understand that.  It is likely that Bezmore, who will assume the responsibility of defending James in the second war, said: The most important thing is to restrict others.He can always do what he wants. If you can control other people well, your chance will be bigger.Expected starting lineup: Hawks: Horford, Millsap, Bezmore, Korver, Jeff Teague   Cavaliers: Mozgov, Tristan Thompson, James, Champert, Irving (Heavenly Fire)