Juneyao Airlines carried about 410,000 passengers in February, a drop of over 70% a year

On March 18, Shanghai Juneyao Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Junior Airlines”) released the main operating data for February.In the total number reported, Juneyao Airlines and its subsidiary Jiuyuan Airlines’ passenger capacity dropped by more than 59.16%; passenger turnover decreased by 76 per year.65%; passenger load factor 49.72%, a decrease of 37 per year.25%; the number of passengers is 41.130,000 passengers, a decrease of 76 per year.56%.In February, Juneyao Airlines and its subsidiary Jiuyuan Airlines increased their domestic passenger transportation capacity by 57%.54%, the passenger turnover decreased by 74 every year.At 97%, the occupancy rate dropped by 36 per second.16%; the investment in international passenger transport capacity has dropped by 62 per year.98%, passenger turnover decreased by 82 per year.At 37%, the passenger load factor dropped by 43 per second.51%; regional passenger transport capacity input decreased by 85%.79%, the passenger turnover decreased by 94 per year.35%, the occupancy rate dropped by 47 per second.82%.As of February 29, Juneyao Airlines operates 68 A320 series aircraft (27 of which are A321 and 2 are A320neo) and 6 Boeing 787 aircraft.Subsidiary Jiuyuan Airlines actually operates 20 aircraft, and places Boeing 737 series aircraft.In addition, during February, Jiuyuan Airlines added five scheduled flights from Guangzhou to Xiamen, Guangzhou to Chongqing, Shenzhen to Haikou, Shenzhen to Changsha, and Shenzhen to Zhangjiajie.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Zhenzhen editor Zheng Yijia school to deal with Chunxin pictures Juneyao Airlines Weibo screenshots